Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monasticism Day III

It is my Will to walk through this darkness with calm resolve

as on level ground

to flow as water through a crevasse

K'an flows through smoke of water

The scent of lotus heavy in perception

The token gives passage and I am thrown into the depths

Frozen water surround, freezing water captures

As breathing slows to hypothermic the sigil is cast

And I wait

Blood of the moon reflecting impossible distances

The smoke rings Míngwángxīng

And I am given Sun

The water is low and the mountain is high

K'an is kept away and cultivation begins

I am to design two small bowls for sacrifice

Going with the time it is that I should decrease the firm and increase the yielding

"Thus the superior man controls his anger and restrains his instincts"

Six in the fifth supreme good fortune and ten tortoise shellsAfter ten changes it should be known

That evaporation from the lake rains down and nourishes the mountain

Restrain the self that others may prosper

Sexual Gnosis -->black ray

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