Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Earth I

Talisman creation
Sigil casting

Free flowing into this one. Did some inspiring synchronistic research on my name prior. Had some sigil work in mind that I wanted to do and this flowed well into the earth meditation of the evening. Don’t want to go too deeply into the talisman etc, need to maintain a distance from these things. However I did achieve an understanding of the eye rolling during meditation. This is not just an exercise but a system. As the eyes roll so does the cosmos. The eyes of course are yang, the only yang we have, and they orbit, allowing for a clearer vision of placement. This is a vantage point with which to see the macro-cosmos. Then the almost violent crossing of the eyes, the slamming of the eyes into the tan tien, brings it all rushing into the body, the macro becomes the micro. I stayed here not allowing for deeper gnosis. I stayed with earth, stuck to her allowed her smooth transitions and evolutions and seasons and rains and violence and warmth and decay and beauty to guide me. This moment was a euphoric gnosis that I have not felt in meditation in as long as I can remember. Tzu Jan, to be completely what one is, natural. To do exactly what one does, flow. To be… there were moments of feeling at one with fallen branches and limbs and stick laying on the forest floor, in piles, branches mingling in such a way with no form and no pattern but as to have each stick holding each other stick up off the ground. Earth is the function of chaos. Earth is the found art of the minds eye. We invariably are earth, we are in earth, we are of earth, we are grounded. And this too came to me, this grounding. All this work is grounded, all this work has foundation.

The Altar is nearly finished. I will post pics when it is completed. I felt compelled to put it in a very public place, my front yard. Front and center of my house. My cat killed a mole yesterday and left it on the porch, the day after the altar was erected so I put that on the altar. Kinda gross but it seemed appropriate. I will be setting it up so that me and the people that know about it and its purpose can pin prayers and sigils onto a flag behind.

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Dunn said...

Just posted an interesting bit that kind of fell into my lap yesterday. Read it and tell me what you think.

Good work on you for sticking with this Taoist magic stuff despite the obstacle of not having a lot of sources. I know it can be rough.