Friday, February 27, 2009

Earth Deity Found

Ritual to find a strong Earth Deity and give it its first mission
Ritual performed with Frater J at his ‘Dirty Foot’ Temple.

1. Opened by impromptu calling of the corners and placement of elemental weapons
(Impromptu calling of the corners involves a light invocation of the element and a freestyle verbal calling)
2. At the Earth quadrant statement of intents were spoken allowed and sigilized
3. Seated at temple center “NOBO” was chanted, incense was lit and Salvia cigarettes smoked
4. Visionary results obtained
5. Sigil burned


Name: Salakunt
Image: The image was that of an evolving snake/salamander. End result was a larger salamander with glistening grayish green and red scales, large black hood like that of a king cobra, and huge antlers with a neon glowing from within as if they were made of electricity rather than bone.

The image was at first of an upright glowing triangle that took some concentration to turn upside down. With this done this slimy birth-grey beady eyed snake/worm came gushing out. This quickly evolved into a proper snake with brilliant scales. This crawled up and into me wrapping around my spine and crushing itself into my structure. Its head filled my head and then the antlers came shooting out of my head and into the heavens. The hood spread itself out behind me. Arms sprouted into my own and legs followed.

Secondary intent was [private].

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