Saturday, December 20, 2008


NOX 12:20:2008
Rituals were performed with relative professionalism. Frater Halcyon’s temple is an excellent venue. I want to do much more with the Hun-Tun ritual that I presented. Trance drumming is definitely the musical medium and the gnosis of the outer circle of participants. This ritual was more of an evocation/enchantment on an old fetish that anything else. We ritually cleansed the fetish of most old traces of sacrificial blood etc. There were some hard to clean spots. We used my son’s old toothbrush and plain old soapy water for this. Sitting around a short table covered in black cloth and a lit red candle, we each lit a stick of incense and spent some time scrubbing the old fetish clean. We then took our places with our drums and began drumming ecstatically. My instruction was that if you were not sweating then you were not doing it right. We chanted “hun-tun” allowing it to fade into glossolalia. Shortly after my stick broke rhythm began to slow down and the ritual concluded with laughter. I do not feel that the full extent of my ritual intent was achieved. This is by no fault of the participants as much as it may be the result of the residue left in the fetish itself.

Other rituals included the Spirit Detox ritual by Soror Sciurus and a protection ritual for Frater OAK’s son.

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