Monday, June 27, 2011

Dietary Monasticism II

The whole world shifts in vibrant jiggling colors and kaleidoscopic vomit illuminations.

I have become an obsessive calorie counter. Yes yes, I know the quality of the food and all that counts more, but I am finding that the only way to keep that edge of hunger on me that is so beneficial to mental states a acuity, is to obsessively count the calories until they are low. I am trying to not go over 1480. This has caused me to desire higher quality food, as there is such a difference in digestion and the energy the food is eventually transformed into. Very much like putting crappy water downed gas in your car vs the good stuff. You may not notice going to the store, but over the long haul, you notice better stamina and longer performance. ;) and yes if you were thinking.... yes that too :).

I am getting used to this edge of hunger. I like it. Makes me feel alive.

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Ataraxium said...

Hunger is a great stimulant!