Monday, September 21, 2009

Plutonian Ritual Acquistion

This evenings evocation of Pluto was designed primarily to obtain information for the Right of Pluto.

Do to the upcoming event I will not publish too much of this.

The skeleton stag - extinction
inevitable end
stand glowing in a forest that has never known light
Pluto cannot be directly known
It is the antithesis of knowing
the naught
the Abyss, the HunTun
Pluto is our Xaos
Marionette praying to a flatulent god [break]
bring Pluto to center
Source of all darkness and fear
before death and life
Its nothing is deeper than our...

This is a bornless ritual. I am seeing that more clearly now than I think I wanted to admit. I also saw during my meditations a very strong connection between the HunTun mythology and Pluto. The abyss here is a vacuum, Pluto becomes a reflection not of our sun but of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. We are going way further out now than our solar system. Is Pluto a planet? It doesn't even matter at this point. It is a designated point of nothingness, the closest we have within our solar system to that moment before the big bang. If for no other reason than it is the furthest out our heliocentric planetary magicks go (for most).

The gua: Xiao Guo

Fly, but not beyond your grasp! This is our limit. Pluto. The furthest our consciousness can travel without being obliterated by pure void. the overreaching hand grabs only misfortune. While abysmal this is a pure force. This is Yin to the Suns Yang. Much more so than the moon. The moon being a counter charge. Pluto is THE yin. An excellent place to cast nearly any kind of magick from do to its contrary nature. The magickian becomes the counter charge of yang and stands grounded more solidly in yin. The magickian must be pure in their intent to cast from this place lest they reverse their potency. Death resulting. What is cast from Pluto is pure by its nature. Yin serves to strip intent of all but the purest arrows of Will.

Four Yin with two Yang. The magickian should carry two wands.
The opposite qua, that of the magickian entering Pluto is Zhong Fu / innermost sincerity.

Thats its for now. I need to review my past notes from this sphere.

[afterthought: the original monasticism failed miserably. I am however 10 days nicotine free. this has not come easy. I got the flu or some such illness and have been confined to the house on antibiotics. Needless to say my Will reserves were completely drained by my efforts to quit smoking and most every other use of it dissolved.]

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