Monday, July 28, 2008


On the night of 7:26:2008: sundown

Performed ritual at Frater ???’s property. This was the transformation of CPZ into Tzu Jan. It went splendidly. I will need to insert many of the sigils as well as write the official ritual manuscript but to make some notes:
Ritual began at sundown. A fire was lit in the center. The main sigil was set in the east. The lower trigram was set in the North and the upper trigram in the West. These were painted on banners and hung from small saplings at the edges of the ritual ground. The circle was then walked to clear it of dangerous rocks and sticks. The fire was lit.

The heart beat of ritual was performed by attending Fraters: Drums and Didjeridu
Further assistance performed by the fire blowers
All Attending Fraters Cast the sigil of Tzu Jan into me during their personal gnosis

GBPRO was performed. The invocation of ChimPanZ ensued. This invocation was not as difficult or as violent as some of the past. CPZ felt tired. This was not a fight; no battle, no ritual murder. This was the attendance of a natural death. There was some struggle as the animal refuses to let go of the body, it cannot expel the instinct to survive. With the aid of Tzu Jan heading up the rear, CPZ laid his Will upon the fire. The robe of ChimPanZ burst into the flame of the Tau. This spirit was harnessed as Frater Tzu Jan took the flame, in reverence, mourning and celebration. The double flame of the senses with Tzu Jan as acting axis-mundi mixed the elixir of transformation, of evolution. The two flames spun for ten thousand years, until they caught up with one another, sparking life and the evolution of life. Bursts of flame melted the Wills of these two spirits into one solid form; Death and Birth. Fire carried ChimPanZ into the heavens and placed him in the Tan-Tien of Tzu Jan who sits in the Pole Star.

I am Frater Tzu Jan 1.618

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Very nicely put brother.